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Baby steps on my 'Dream Cottage Garden'...

In the last few weeks – when I haven’t been writing – I’ve been spending every spare moment outside, busily trying to create my “Dream Cottage Garden”!

It’s been a steep learning curve and I’ve spent hours online, reading all about annuals vs perennials, “deep shade” vs “part-sun”, fertilisers, fish emulsion and foliage feeds… not [...]

Operation Dream Cottage Garden... begins!

OMG – I’ve just discovered gardening… and I think I’m in love!! (Is this another symptom of middle age setting in?? ;-) )

Well, actually, I’ve always looked wistfully at other people’s gardens – especially those cottage-style gardens… ooh, I’d always desperately wanted a quaint, romantic garden like that, with climbing roses and a profusion [...]

Muesli's Corner: Making Friends with Hooch Pooch!

I was so touched to receive some wonderful gifts from my readers recently – it was like Christmas all over again!

First, there was the beautiful “fan art” created by Patrick Wirbeleit in Germany, who sent me his paper-cut illustration of the “Little Stables Tearoom” from my Oxford Tearoom Mysteries

Look [...]

Muesli's Corner: Being a Writer's Muse...

It’s tough work being a writer’s muse… but someone’s gotta do it! ;-)

And it’s not as easy as it looks!

It requires Meditation…


Lots and lots of reading…

A knack for sniffing out good [...]

Muesli's Corner: Visit to the Vet

For all the Muesli fans out there, I thought I’d share a few pictures of what she’s been up to – here’s her annual check-up and vaccinations at the vet!

Our vet had just ordered these beautiful new scrubs with a turtle & flowers pattern from Hawaii – aren’t they snazzy? :-)