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H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author2 months ago
Very excited to share that the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries will soon be published in French! Yup, I've been busy behind the scenes coordinating the translations and the first book in the series (A Scone To Die For) will be releasing soon.
** Any French-speaking readers interested in reading an advance copy and leaving a review? It would be a HUGE help with the launch of this first book in a new market. Ideally, you need to be able to post a review on Amazon FR. If you're interested, please email me on contact@hyhanna.com. Thank you! ❤️
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author2 months ago
Hope you're all keeping well and have been enjoying some time outdoors, wherever you are in the world! Here in Perth, we've come to the end of winter and are now officially in spring... and Muesli & I've been busy-busy-busy in the garden! :-) Unlike many other parts of the world, winter in Western Australia is when the garden comes alive, because it's when temperatures are lovely & cool (it's like an English spring!) and we get most of our rain for the year. The plants recover and regrow after suffering through our hot, harsh summers. In fact, most of the native plants only flower in winter, so it's a season of lush green & vivid colours. It's also the busiest time in my gardening calendar as I need to rush to plant, divide, transplant, add compost & manure, and mulch everything before Spring and the hot weather arrives again.
But don't worry - I haven't been spending ALL my time in the garden! 😉 I've also started work on my next book (an Oxford Tearoom Mystery) and am currently busy researching & plotting that too!
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author2 months ago
Thank you to Kathleen Costa and Kings River Life Magazine for featuring my new release and for the lovely review! <3 Head over to check out the giveaway and the delicious "spiced apple pecan" recipe that Kathleen found, for your own little Mabon celebration ;-)
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author2 months ago
It's winter... which means it's lemon season! And this year my lemon tree has produced a bumper crop! :-) We've been making delicious lemon drizzle cake with our own lemons. Mmm... nothing like a fruit picked fresh from the tree: the fragrance from the oils in the zest and juice is just gorgeous! It's funny - recently, several British friends saw my photos and commented on how "exotic" my lemon tree looked... when it seems so ordinary to me! Haha! (Whereas I think their photos of clematis & delphiniums look so gorgeous and exotic!)
Citrus trees grow really well in Perth's Mediterranean climate so they're everywhere, (almost like weeds! ;-) ) Sometimes it seems to me that you can find a lemon or lime tree in practically every suburban garden.
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author3 months ago
New Release! SALTED CARAMEL SORCERY - Book 7 in the Bewitched by Chocolate mysteries ✨ Amazon: https://amzn.to/3CdAizx | Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3frpJyN
~ Read the latest in the series described as "the perfect mix of magic and mayhem" - a quirky and hilarious paranormal mystery with a chocolatey twist! ;-)
The autumn equinox is here, and Caitlyn Le Fey is excited by the upcoming masquerade ball to celebrate the festival of Mabon. Not only is it a chance to dress up in glamorous costumes, but—with the Widow Mags catering—the villagers might finally put their prejudices aside and appreciate the delicious treats from her grandmother’s chocolate shop. What’s more, with the dreamy music and romantic dancing, Caitlyn might even get her first kiss with the dashing Lord James Fitzroy!
But on the night of the ball, Caitlyn barely has time to sample the decadent caramel fountain, or help her old vampire uncle search for his missing fangs, before a guest is brutally murdered. Was he killed by witchcraft? Who was the mysterious woman seen following him? And why did he lie about his identity?
Many at the ball might have wanted him dead, from a jealous ex-lover to an old foe seeking revenge, but to Caitlyn’s horror, it’s her cousin Pomona who becomes the top suspect. Although Pomona has been acting strangely and showing a disturbing interest in black magic, ever since she was given a cursed diamond, Caitlyn refuses to believe that her pretty, bubbly cousin could be capable of murder!
With the help of her quirky witch family, a few chocolate spells, and a pony with a sweet tooth, Caitlyn is soon close to finding the real killer. But solving the mystery could also mean facing a shocking truth about her own family and the secrets of her past…

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