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H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author3 days ago
Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good break, however you were celebrating. We had a quiet time here in Perth (am currently in the throes of a 1st draft and Writing doesn't stop for the festive holidays!). Muesli & I did spend a productive New Year's Day with IKEA ;-) (And you know you're getting old when you've only made the frame, and already, you're exhausted and need to stop for a cup of tea!! :P )
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author3 weeks ago
I'm excited to share that Amazon has selected THE MOUSSE WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR for a Kindle deal in the UK and it's currently just 99p for the next few days only. So if you're in the UK and haven't read this Christmas whodunnit yet, now's a great time to grab it. :-) (And do tell any family and friends so they don't miss out!)
AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/3rtxV6d
* American readers, fear not - it will also be discounted on Amazon.com but unfortunately not until early January. Don't worry - I'll be sure to drop you a line then, so you can pick it up at a discount too if you haven't got it yet.
(Australia & Canada too!)
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author3 weeks ago
Seasons Greetings from Western Australia, where we're in summer now and have just sweltered through a 40C (104F) Christmas!
I hope you're all keeping well and celebrating the festive season however best you can during these strange times.
We're having a very quiet Christmas (I'm in the middle of a first draft and writing doesn't stop for the holidays! :P ). Our families & close friends are scattered around the world, so I think there are going to be quite a few Zoom sessions this weekend! ;-)
Happy Holidays to you all!
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author1 month ago
Muesli turns 10 this month! (well, it's a guess since she was a rescue kitten) As a birthday treat, she got steak for dinner and was very good to pose patiently for a photo (although her expression clearly says: "Will you bloody hurry up and take the picture?!" 😂)
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author1 month ago
American readers - can you advise? In my last Barefoot Sleuth book (due out in Jan 2021), an American character says: "...if he takes against you, you're in trouble". My editor says the phrase "to take against someone" is not common in the US and unlikely to be used by an American character. I'm not sure what to replace it with. How would Americans express that then? You know, when someone decides that they just don't like you and make life difficult for you - we say they "take against you"... what do you say?
(My editor suggested "turns against you" - but I feel like that has a subtly different meaning. To "turn against someone" suggests that you might have liked them originally & been friends with them, but then did an about-face for a specific reason, whereas to "take against someone" COULD mean that but it could also just mean that you disliked them from the beginning, just because they rub you up the wrong way)
Thank you! :-)
H.Y. Hanna - Author
H.Y. Hanna - Author1 month ago
Ein neues Abenteuer mit Gemma Rose, Tearoom-Besitzerin und Ermittlerin wider Willen, ihrer frechen Katze Müsli und den schrägen Silberlocken wartet auf euch! Ich freue mich, euch mitteilen zu können, dass der 3. Band meiner Oxford-Tearoom-Krimis gerade auf Deutsch erschienen ist. Er ist ab sofort bei Amazon erhältlich: MORDEN UND TEE TRINKEN https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B08FZL5NK7
(Bald auch als Taschenbuch erhältlich)
"Ein nächtlicher Anruf - und schon steckt Gemma Rose, ihres Zeichens Besitzerin des Little Stables Tearooms, mitten in einem neuen Mordfall. Und diesmal ist ausgerechnet ihr guter Freund Seth der Hauptverdächtige! Alles an der blutigen Tat hinter den Mauern eines alten College in Oxford scheint auf eine bittere Fehde innerhalb der Universität hinzudeuten, doch auch in ihrem winzigen Dorf in den Cotswolds stößt Gemma unerwartet auf die eine oder andere heiße Spur. Außerdem herrscht in ihrem Liebesleben ein heilloses Durcheinander, weil sie sich nicht zwischen Lincoln Green, einem attraktiven Mediziner, und dem sexy CID Detective Devlin O'Connor entscheiden kann. Und auch in ihrem gemütlichen Tearoom ist längst nicht alles in Butter: Wenn Gemma nicht schnell eine neue Bäckerin findet, steht ihr bald das (Tee-)Wasser bis zum Hals.
Als wäre es nicht schlimm genug, dass ihrem Freund ein Leben hinter Gittern droht, muss sie sich auch noch mit ihrer umtriebigen Mutter herumschlagen - von Müsli, ihrer vorwitzigen Katze, ganz zu schweigen. Und dann wären da noch die Silberlocken, ein neugieriges Damenkränzchen, dem nichts entgeht ... Gemma Rose steht vor ihrem bisher schwierigsten Fall!"
(* Mit einem Originalrezept für Chelsea Buns)

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