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Double, Double, Toil and Truffle

Double, Double, Toil and Truffle

Book 6: Bewitched by Chocolate Mysteries

Caitlyn Le Fey is enjoying her first autumn in England, nut-picking in the forest, creating delicious treats in her grandmother’s enchanted chocolate shop, and dreaming of cosy evenings with the handsome Lord James Fitzroy. But the peace is shattered when a mysterious woman claiming to be a witch arrives in the village. Some love her, others fear her… and one person is driven to murder.
Soon Caitlyn finds herself drawn into a mystery with links to ancient witch trials and–with the help of her toothless vampire uncle and a few magical spells of her own–she sets out to do some sleuthing. But strange things are happening, and Caitlyn is worried and confused. Why isn’t her kitten Nibs growing any larger? What does the new guest at Huntingdon Manor really want? And what is the jewel that seems to be exerting a sinister influence over her cousin Pomona?
There are dark forces gathering in the village of Tillyhenge, and Caitlyn is about to discover that the savage tradition of witch-hunting is still very much alive…