H.Y. Hanna
H.Y. Hanna
H.Y. Hanna
H.Y. Hanna

A Witch Worth Praline For

Book 8: Bewitched by Chocolate Mysteries

About the Book

Caitlyn Le Fey is savouring the delights of autumn with hot spiced cider and rich toffee apples, as she helps with preparations for the upcoming Samhain Festival. She’s also looking forward to spending more time with the dashing Lord James Fitzroy and meeting his family at last. But the cosy atmosphere is shattered when a guest at Huntingdon Manor is found dead, murdered for an ancient grimoire that once belonged to the Widow Mags.

Determined to solve the mystery and retrieve the stolen “book of spells”, Caitlyn sets out to do some witchy sleuthing and soon discovers that there are many who may have wanted the grimoire: from the glamorous friends of James’s sister to a mysterious retired academic—who might just be her long-lost mother in disguise!

Tensions are rising in the village, however, as superstitions spread and hostility grows towards the Widow Mags’s chocolate shop. And just when Caitlyn thinks things can’t get any worse, clues start pointing to James’s sister as the killer…

With the help of her toothless vampire uncle Viktor and her mischievous kitten Nibs (not to mention a sprinkle of chocolate magic!) – can Caitlyn find the missing grimoire and finally uncover the truth about her mother?

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The Details

Published: July 20, 2024
Publisher: H.Y. Hanna / Wisheart Press
Pages: 351
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Magic Mystery, Cat Mystery, Cat Cozy, Culinary Cozy Mystery, British Mystery, Murder Mystery, Paranormal Cozy Mystery, Witch Cozy Mystery, Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy