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Oxford Tearoom Mysteries


Winners of the Signed & "Pawtographed" set of Oxford Tearoom Mysteries GIVEAWAY!

Thank you so much to all those who entered my Exclusive Newsletter Subscribers Giveaway to win a set of the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, signed by me & “pawtographed” by Muesli!

To enter, readers just had to email me & tell me their favourite character in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries. I [...]

Q&A: "Are your characters based on people you know?"

(** This is where I answer questions that readers send me!)

Hmm…they are rarely completely based on one person – mainly because that would be too limiting for the story. But they are often partly inspired by people I know or have met (even briefly! Such as the strange woman I walked past at the supermarket) [...]

Interview with H.Y. Hanna

Interview Q&A with Hsin-Yi: Q. Tell me about yourself and how you became a writer.

A. Well, I’d have to start with the cliché of always wanting to be a writer, from the time I was a little girl! I was a complete bookworm and the only thing better than reading a book, in [...]