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Q&A: "Is Meadowford in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries based on a real village?"

(** This is where I answer questions that readers send me!)

“I would love to know if you have based Meadowford-on-Smythe on a real village around Oxford, or is it a mixture of the many beautiful villages around?”

Yes, the village of Meadowford-on-Smythe in my Oxford Tearoom Mysteries is an amalgamation of several Cotswolds villages that I’d visited during the time I lived in Oxford… although a lot of it is probably inspired by Burford, one of the most beautiful villages in the area and one which has a very quaint tearoom! 🙂

Here is a real-life picture of Burford:


One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday morning was to go for a long walk in the Cotswolds countryside – and then finish up in Burford and have a treat at the tearoom there. Especially on snowy winter mornings…




…it was wonderful to walk into the cosy tearoom after a chilly hike through the fields and be served a lovely pot of hot tea and rich, indulgent cakes and buns, whilst you warmed your fingers around the tea cup!


You can find out more about Burford here: http://www.cotswolds.info/places/burford.shtml

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7 years ago

I am glad you decided to do a blog. Australia has always fascinated me. As a native of southern Arizona I revel in our dessert heat. My dream would be to have enough money to spend our summer here and your summer there. That way I would never have winter.

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