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Please check the FAQ below first as your question may have already been answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will there be more books in the Bewitched by Chocolate series / Oxford Tearoom Mysteries?

  • Yes, I do plan to continue writing these 2 series and there should be more books releasing. However, as I have multiple series and each one has fans clamouring for more books in *their* series, I am spread very thin. There is only one of me and I can only write so fast! ;-)
  • Please understand that I try my best to keep my readers happy and produce the books as fast as I can, but unfortunately, authors are not slot machines, able to spit out a book at the push of a button (how I wish I could!). Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we are unable to write a certain story, especially when we are feeling down or stressed, or have other commitments in our lives, such as family health issues. The current Covid-19 pandemic has also made things difficult.
  • If you want to know when the next book in these series is likely to be released, the best thing is to sign up for my newsletter or follow my Facebook Author page (see links above). I will always announce my plans for upcoming releases to my subscribers as soon as I have the information.

2) When will the audiobook of [insert title] be released?

  • The audiobook versions are always released as soon as possible after the ebook & paperback. However, they take longer to produce and their production is dependent on the recording schedule of my narrator – so there is sometimes a delay.
  • If the audiobook version of a particular title is not available yet, please be patient. It is in production and should be available soon.

3) Where can I find WITCH MOCHA MORSEL? It’s listed on Goodreads as part of the Bewitched by Chocolate Mysteries and seemed to be part of an anthology but I can’t find it on Amazon or anywhere?

  • WITCH MOCHA MORSEL is a short story set between the official books in my Bewitched by Chocolate series.  It was included in a limited-time anthology in 2018.
    This short story is now only available to my newsletter subscribers, as part of the “H.Y. Hanna Starter Library”, which my Readers’ Club members receive when they join my mailing list. (You can sign up to join my Readers’ Club HERE )

4) Are there paperback editions of [insert book title]?

  • Yes, all my books are available in both ebook and paperback (except for the box sets). Print editions can be found on the same page as the ebook edition on Amazon.
    However, sometimes the print edition is delayed and does not become available until a few weeks after release. If you do not see the paperback version of a particular title, please be patient – it is still in production or waiting to be approved by Amazon. Please check again in a few days/ weeks.


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